Hunting Burchell's Plains Zebra, Equus burchelli
and the
Namibian endemic Hartmann Mountain Zebra, Equus zebra hartmannae

We have both zebra species for you to hunt on farm Nomtsas.

The Burchells Plains Zebra is probably an mix of subspecies antiquorum and chapmanii and we brought them back to the plains many moons ago. They have done extremely well and we are very proud to have this special genepool on our farm. The stripes of some are running down straight to the hooves with very stark contrast and beautiful brown shadow stripes between the black striping - absolutely lovely.

Our Hartmann Zebra are great in numbers and we are proud to home a true namibian endemic mammal. Hartmann zebra keep their heads high, have large ears and clean black-white striping running down to the hooves with white bellies and a visible dewlap.

Many a hunter would like to take a stallion, but keep in mind that "new" stallions taking over a herd often kill all foals in order to reproduce their own genes. It is rather advisable to shoot a younger animal with lesser marks on the skin. We like to keep our herds intact and therefore aim to find younger zebra or lone zebra.

Zebra are extremely vary animals and the tracking/stalking approach can end up in a cloud of dust in no time. Hartmann zebra look back often and do have a cutios confrontation-approach, which could make your hunt easy, but Burchells are less curious and will run straight away from you if you missed your valuable chance.


Burchell Zebra with Giraffe Burchell Zebra Chapman
Gamedrive on Nomtsas Great Burchell Zebra, Chapman subspeciesX
Namibian endemic Hartmann Zebra Namibian endemic Hartmann Zebra
Nomtsas boosts a strong population of Hartmann Zebra Namibian endemic Hartmann Zebra