Hunting Waterbuck in Namibia, Kobus ellisiprymnus

Waterbuck have adapted remarkably well on Nomtsas. We established them in one of our new game reserves we have created. The area is very large combining hillsides with open plains and a lush dry riverbed. The waterbuck have taken to the hills as well, although we thought that we would only find them in the river close to water.

Waterbuck hunting will be done on foot only. These majestic bulls like to hide in thickets and bushes in gullies and gorges.

We have quite a number of bulls, but not many great old big ones. It is thus important to let us know whether you would like to hunt a big bull in order for us to reserve one for you.


Waterbuck on Nomtsas Waterbuck herd on Nomtsas hillsides
The best place to hunt Waterbuck Waterbuck herd on Nomtsas hillsides
Waterbuck hunting bull
These waterbuck bulls are great trophies This waterbuck bull is ready to be hunted