Hunting Warthog in Namibia, Phacochoerus africanus

The south is not the best place to hunt warthog. You might find easier prey up in northern Namibia, but still we had many very happy clients kneeling over warthog on our barren farm. Warthog hunting can't be planned, nor do we know exactly were they are on wich time of the day. Since we have lots of open water in the river, we can't tell you to wait at a waterhole - this is what happens on most hunting ranches in central and northern Namibia.

Instead, while hunting, a warthog will suddenly crash out of a row of bushes and before you can wipe your eyes, the only thing you will remember is a stiff tail on a grey escaping animal and a guide that raises his eyebrows on why you did not use your perfect chance to take this monster while he was looking back...

If you want warthog, be ready at all times and be wake-up when tracker and guide get exited about a tusker speeding through nature. Warthogs are easy to hunt if: you are ready and on him while he runs for it... because he will stop and it won't be a long distance shot and he will stand broadside begging you to pull the trigger... easy.

A short word about southern trophies though... This area is rock hard... many old warthog males have broken tusks. Most hunters find these more interesting, because it gives the trophy character, but mention this before, it makes our life as guides easier if we know whether you prefer a perfect set of tusks or one with character.

Warthog hunting can be very rewarding on foot... finding and tracking on foot.


great Warthog Trophy taken in Namibia Warthog with excellent trophy taken in Namibia
Super Trophy with tusks intact great trophy of an old warthog male
Warthog family running past us
Warthog female running past us with her sibbling from last year Warthog and one very happy client