Hunting Springbok in Namibia, Antidorca marsupialis

Nomtsas is the best place to hunt very good and many Springbok trophies.
We have quite a number of clients who like to hunt for the sake of hunting. In this case they take the best two trophies home and the other are sold as reduction animals.

Hunting Springbok is, to make a long story short, shooting at a pretty small animal at a far distance in a very short time. Early departure, either to hot or to cold on the jeep, walking a few miles, wondering what this is all about and suddenly the chance to hunt Springbok. Normally Springbok take off and jump run a bit, fall into a trot and curiosity wins. You as a hunter should know, that your time has come when curiosity befalls this beautiful antelope, since this only takes a few seconds - remember the 3 second rule!
My father never determined a good hunter by how good a shot he is, but how good a HUNTER he or she is. This means whether the hunter or huntress is „in the game“ - eyes open, concentration and willingness to take.
So often have we had situations with hunters fiddling with scopes while the springbok patiently awaits his kill - and just as the hunter has set everything for the perfect shot - the springbok takes a small jumping stut and trots away.
I therefore recommend every hunter to practice long distance shooting, getting used to his rifle and follow the one big scope rule: ALWAYS SHOOT WITH THE SAME MAGNIFICATION.
Bottom line: if you can handle Springbok in the south, you are ready for buffalo in the north.
Nomtsas is Springbok territory with about 3000 head of Springbok roaming our beautiful farm.
Take a nice trophy or two and take part in management shooting. You will be back for more!

We recommend the following rifle calibres for Springbok: .243 Win, .270.Win, 30-06 with about 9 gr bulletweight and every other calibre thats fast and accurate.


Springbok ram hunt Springbok lam pronking
This is a handsome trophy of a 6 year old ram lam with typical posture
Springbok Bachelor Herd Lucky guy takes 16" Springbok
young rams in bachelor herd 16" Ram, about 9 years of age
Albert with client and Springbok ewe
Very nice Springbok ewe Happy client with a Springbok Ewe