Hunting Sable in Namibia, Hippotragus niger

Sable are wonderful animals with beautiful trophies taken on a memorable hunt.
It is our responsibility to protect and preserve these antelope. Our area is vast, open and free of poaching and parasites. The idealistic approach to keep these animals is connected to great expenses and we finance the herd by trophy hunting the non-breeding bulls, once they have reached the correct age and size.

Finding a good ethical spot to hunt the majestic Sable is becoming more and more difficult. The Sable is probably one of the most sought after and most expensive trophies, due to the rarity of the animal and the rare large trophy your outfitter will offer you.

We hunt Sable on foot only. The bulls are dangerous when wounded and the hunter should be well prepared before we go hunting. Shot placement and the correct calibre (not to small) is essential.

Bowhunters can hunt sable, but we strongly advise to do this from a hide or with an armed guide. If you wound it, it wounds you and might kill you!

Prices will vary according to horn length and circumcfence (SCI).


Sable hunting trophy Sable breeding bull

This Sable Trophy would measure about 41"
and will at least have about 43" in the 2017
hunting season

One of many prime Sable bulls in the veld. We mostly find them in rivers, but sometimes they wonder into the rocky hills.


Group of Salbe Antelope for hunting beautiful Sable heifer/cow with calve
Group of Bachelors. We have found a total of 6 bulls available for the 2017 2018 hunting season This is one of the Sable heifers amongs our herd of cows. We thought you might like to look at females as well. What a beauty!