Prices for 2019 in U$Prices to Hunt in Southern Namibia on Farm Nomtsas in 2017

Prices for 2019 in Euro Prices in Euro to Hunt on Farm Nomtsas in southern Namibia in 2017

Prices for 2018 in U$ (revised)Prices to Hunt in Southern Namibia on Farm Nomtsas in 2017

Prices for 2018 in Euro (revised)Prices in Euro to Hunt on Farm Nomtsas in southern Namibia in 2017



U$ Rates 2019

Daily rate (Guiding, Fullboard, incl. Drinks and Accommodation):

1 Hunter per hunting day

286,00 $

2 Hunters, each, per hunting day

235,00 $

non - hunting day

130,00 $

non - hunter (bring your husband)

130,00 $

Transfer Airport - Farm (3+2 incl. driver) per vehicle

195,00 $

Transfer Farm - Airport (3+2 incl. driver) per vehicle

195,00 $

please enquire costs for bigger groups

Trophy animals:

Greater Kudu - Bronze +

1.820,00 $

Greater Kudu - Minimum +

1.625,00 $

Oryx bul or cow - Gold +

585,00 $

Oryx bul or cow - Minimum - Silver

455,00 $

Oryx Reduction hunt / Management (no trophy)

195,00 $

Red Hartebeest - Silver +

650,00 $

Red Hartebeest - Minimum - Bronze

455,00 $

Red Hartebeest - Cow

520,00 $

Blessbok - Gold +

650,00 $

Blessbok - Minimum - Silver

520,00 $

Blessbok - Ewe

390,00 $

Springbok - Gold + 

468,00 $

Springbok - Minimum - Silver

390,00 $

Springbok - Ewe

260,00 $

Springbok - Reduction hunt / Management (no trophy)

104,00 $

Warthog male

520,00 $

Warthog - female

650,00 $

Blue Wildebeest - Silver +

1066,00 $

Blue Wildebeest - Minimum - Bronze

975,00 $

Blue Wildebeest - Cow

910,00 $

Black Wildebeest - Silver + 

1105,00 $

Black Wildebeest - Minimum - Bronze

975,00 $

Black Wildebeest - Cow

910,00 $

Hartmann Mountain Zebra

1040,00 $

Burchell´s Plains Zebra

1040,00 $


1950,00 $

Chacma Baboon

195,00 $

black-backed Jackal

65,00 $

Blue Neck Ostrich

520,00 $

Sable Antilope - Minimum - Bronze

5600,00 $

Sable Antilope - Silver - Gold 7700,00 $


2600,00 $


780,00 $

Prices and Risk explained:
Minimum = minimum trophy size as required by Namibian Quality Control.

Bronze, Silver, Gold = sizes of trophies as stipulated by Namibia Professional Hunters Association in accordance with Safari Club International (SCI). please find measurements here (please click).

Hunter wants optimal trophy, but guide misjudges and trophy is smaller as expensive category - hunter pays for lesser trophy, but has to pay for animal.

Animals wounded will be charged.

Reduction hunt only in combination with trophy hunting.

Arrival and Departure days will be regarded and charged as non-hunting days. We mostly test and set rifles and organize trophies on these days.

We charge an additional service fee of $17.00 per Trophy. This includes: Tip for our workers (tracking, skinning, room and kitchen workers). Please do not tip directly.

We do not accept credit cards!
We only accept cash in any of the following currencies: Euro, U$, Rand, N$, Pound Sterling and Bank transfers (payable before arrival). Deposits are to be paid.

All trophies will be handed to a certified Taxidermy (hunter chooses Taxidermy) after the hunt. The Taxidermy will be able to clean, dip and ship the trophy or mount it for you.

Rifle hire:
Winchester .270 or .243 - $ 40.00 per Day plus $ 4.00 per Shot


Costing and Logistics after your hunt:

When your hunt is done and you are on your back home, your trophies still have to go through a bit of a work-out until you can hang them against your wall or hide them from your wife.

We will, free of charge, deliver your trophies and capeskins and skins to any freight service or taxidermist you prefer (please click on examples below):

TAU Taxidermist, near Windhoek delivers very fast and efficient service with personal power. many of our clients enjoy the direct and handy way the owner, van Rooyen, comes forward handling his clients and their trophies. Giraffe hunters really want to take a good look at using him, since he is the "do it right do it yourself kind of guy".

Please find the rates from TAU at this link.

African Shipping Services
Very good Freight Service with lots of friendly and helpful people to go that extra mile for you. They also dip and ship and deliver your trophies via a taxidermist. I had good feedback from these guys as well. They work with TAU Taxidermi.

Smart Dip in connection with Namibia Safari Services.
These guys are good and fast with cleaning your trophies and shipping them to you. You will receive a clean trophy, but you will still have to do some work on it, like mounting it to a piece of wood or have your locale taxidermi do a cape for you with your capeskin, skull and horns. This is a legal way of getting your trophies fast and efficient, but prepare to have final work on them done at home


This Taxidermi does the lot. You could dip and ship only, or have a cape made or your skins tanned. please find the rates here at this link


Reiser Taxidermi
This german bloke does absolutely neat and thorough work! If you want to spend a penny more and are prepared to wait a little longer, you will get the perfect cape or trophy mounted.
They also have their own shipping agency.
Please find prices below
Tel:  +264 (0) 61 264 207
Fax: +264 (0) 61 264 209

Reiser - Raw dispatch prices
Reiser - Raw skull cleaning for export
Reiser - Taxidermi


There are many more, but I am sure if you contact these above, you will get friendly and prompt response on what your costing and possibilities are.