Hunting Ostrich, Struthio camelus, in Namibia

Although we do not support bird hunting due to ethical reasons in general within Namibia, we do support hunting of all manageable game including the hunting of Ostriches.

The trophy is the tanned skin and the claw, the skin is used by hunters to have things made for them, starting from book covers to handbags or even shoes or boots. It is important to know however, that the tanning should be done in Namibia and takes up to a year.

Ostriches should not be hunted with strong big calibres, since you don't want an exit wound. We recommend the Ostrich to be shot right from the behind - the entry wound thus in line with the cutting line when skinning. After killing the ostrich, which requires some skill from the hunters, since Ostriches most likely have to be shot as they are running away from you - they are not quite tame in the wild, they immediately have to be plucked. Not much time for photos I am afraid.

The trophy animal would be a non-breeding or young bird.


Ostrich male Ostrich, feet with claw
Ostrich male feet with claw of ostrich male