Hunting Oryx / Gemsbok in Namibia, Oryx gazella gazella

Gemsbok is the real name, since Oryx only refers to the genus of this strikingly beautiful antelope with its long horns.
The „desert warrior“ is a hard animal. It will NOT go down if your shot placement is bad. Hit it right, first time, please, since we had followed and feared these animals walking through thickets for hours and many many miles. Gemsbok only go down with low direct shoulder hits. Neck shots are risky! When the Oryx drops like a bomb you should reload, since the chance that it will jump up and run is very high!
Although many hunters hype about 40 inches horns and strive for length, you should remember that males horns are usually shorter and I have seem some very impressive thick bases with short horns. My suggestion for trophy hunting Gemsbok would be to take a long female and a thick male, nice combination.
Because Oryx are extremely alert, have remarkably good eyesight, hearing and smell, stalking them can be quite a challenge…. funny enough easier when the wind is blowing.
.270 Winchester is a great calibre for hunting Gemsbok, since it allows nice shot placement on a far distance.


Group of suicidal Oryx / Gemsbok Herd of Oryx running
a small herd of Oryx Gemsbok running past my jeep