Hunting Greater Kudu (Koedoe) in Namibia, Tragelaphus strepsicerus

The beautiful red rocky hillsides and vast blue plains of Nomtsas are interveined by ephemeral rivers - linear oasis with high trees and more shrub and thorny thickets. This provides food for Kudu, since these animals are selective browsers.
We have often found Greater Kudu standing under trees with baboon activity, since baboons drop bits and pieces of unreachable vegetation.

What I like about Kudu hunting is that Kudu rely heavily on camouflage and know exactly how to blend in with their surroundings. So much, that big bulls sometimes lie down flat to avoid beeing seen - and then jump up just meters in front of you. If you snooze you looze, if you don't keep your eyes open you loose your bull.

Kudu hunting is very different in southern Namibia and not boring waterhole sitting for sure. In the wet season all rivers sometimes have water and we will be forced to walk long distances along the river. At dry times, we take scenic drives along the riverbed, screening the sides for Kudu. Kudus like jumping out and sometimes a short run and a quick shot over a hunting stick will do the job, but most of the time we either have to follow them or- in some very lucky situations, you might be fast enough to take a shot while your bulls runs through the riverbed and stops for a split second to check us out.

It is of vital importance to have your magnification set to max. 6x while hunting kudu - in fact, we believe that never changing your magnification will make you a better shot anyway. Some of my clients have, against my advice, turned their magnification to 12x and lost wonderful chances of hunting kudu, because they "did not find it in the scope".

Another very important trophy aspect is, that Greater Kudu trophies do not have the same length in the south as it is the case up in northern Namibia. This is due to the fact that southern Namibia is dry and hard and food is scarce. This does NOT mean the trophies have less curl or beauty, they are just shorter most of the time. We did take a few gold medals here on Nomtsas already, but mostly trophies of copper and silver length - according to SCI and Namibian Quality Control.


big Kudu bull with nice length typical curios Kudu bull
This bull shows very good length, but no deep curl. He would score in inches. curios and relying on his camo. This bull is about 8 years of age
lovely curl in Greater Kudu horn Kudus in Acacia
look at this magnificent curl! deep curl on this well hidden Greater Kudu bull