Hunting Red Hartebeest, Alcelaphus buselaphus

I find the name quite cynical, because if you look at these beasts from the back, you will notice a heart-shaped pattern. The names derives from a view most people have ... from the back.

Hartebeest are wild animals and notoriously difficult to hunt. They jump off fast, run fast and sometimes I wonder whether they ever stop. The challenge lies to stalk Hartebeest before they notice you. we have had very successful hunting while stalking Hartebeest. I think the big secret is taking your time.

Hartebeest are the second fastest Antelope in Africa, after the Tsessebe, and love to jump-gallop. They mostly move uphill, stop and look back for a second, and carry on... this is your moment.

Bulls are often alone or in small groups, these are sometimes easy to approach, so its a matter of luck - this whole Hartebeest hunting adventure. Don't even try hunting Hartebeest when the wind is blowing.


Hartebeest hunting trophy Hartebeest Cow
This Red Hartebeest Bull is perfect
for hunting
Red Hartebeest Cow with calf