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Hey Al,
four words: I WILL BE BACK. This might sound like a threat, but you will see me again. Thanks for the good price on the sable Al, and who would have thought my Impala rated as good as the Springbok.
Please say hi to Lisa and Trixi - you fed me well indeed.

Now we are back in Sweden again.
After a long flight we arrived home yesterday evening. Lucky Lars tock a better flight. The sun always shine on that guy!! I just want to thanks' for some very good days of hunting and for good laughs'.
We really enjojd our time at your farm. A memory for life!! Thanks' again and say hi to Lisa and Trixie. Sending you the article from the Swedish hunting magazine "Big Game" that Francois was in. If you want more Swedish hunters I advise you to advertise in that magazine. Many Swedish hunters who want to go abroad read that magazine. But maybe you had enough of the bad shooting Swedes!!! If you want I can send you what other competing farms offering to the Swedish hunters. Finally, there is an old Swedish say that if it`s snow on Christmas day you most go on a kudu-hunt on Nomtsas.
I really hope it snow on Christmas....
Regards Jan

Hi Albert,
thank you of your amazing,perfect,nice and pleasant hunt.Your farm was very friendly.Good luck with SABLE :)..I saw your new price .... keep one for me
Best regards
Martin from Czech Prag,

Hi Albert

Its Mick the mad Aussie all of us are fine and still talking about our experience on your farm thank you again

Hope all is well on your end with the family and farm any rain yet

Say hi to Lisa ,daisy, Ricky and Trixie for me

After you make contact back to me I will send some photos of our trip

Talk soon



Hello Albert,Lisa & Richard.
We are back home to NZ with cold temps and rainy days! Bugger.
Really loved Namibia, most of the people and all the animals and scenery it is a truly magical country.

Although only a brief time at Nomtsas, it was my highlight. I am not just saying this.
Its a pitty it could not have been under happier times for you, with the accident and loss of Pepe.

I am very happy with my trophies taken, especially the Black Wilderbeest, he was incrediable and i cant wait to see him in my lounge.

I will email later when i have tracked down some Renn and Stimpy magazines.

I hope your culling was completed to your approval.
Take care and thank you so much for your hospitality and your professionalism which made our short stay such an important one for me.

sincerely, Brent & James

Hallo from Sweden,
did some fishing after I left your Farm. Thanks for a really good hunt!
check this out, thats what I caught:Seppo fishing after hunting on Nomtsas

Hey Al,
jeeez dude, can't get this trip out of my head. Will come back many times... thats a threat mate ;-)

Lisa, say hi to Albert, he is probably out in the bush again.
just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you, I love hunting and thats what I did at Nomtsas, full on, great experience.
I regret not havin had more of those steaks Al made.
say hi to the workers and trackers please, from Jesse