Hunting both species of Gnu,
black Wildebeest / white-tailed Gnu, Connochaetes taurinus
and the
Blue Wildebeest / brindled Gnu, Connochaetes taurinus

We have both species of Wildebeest or Gnu to hunt on our farm Nomtsas. Gnus are Plains Game and give a great hunting experience. Both species prefer open habitat are rather difficult to stalk, but if you can approach without them knowing of human activity in the area, they can be sleepy and not attentive enough to notice the hunter approaching.

Once you hear the snorting though, the hunt is either over or you take the last chance to take a shot while they check out whats moving. This hardly ever works, but we had some fast thinkers who got what they wanted this way.

Although Wildebeest are not as hard as Gemsbok, please don't underestimate them. Shot placement is of vital importance and we have tracked and lost animals for hours and days. Since they hardly ever go down immediately and bulls are often taken from either a herd or bachelor herd, its quite important to count animals before you shoot, mark the spot you hit him and mark the spoor or track before we rush after the wounded animal. Nothing more frustrating then knowing that you placed a good shot, heard the bullet whack and find yourself helplessly pointing your binos at a herd in a dusty cloud... ending up backtracking and starting all over.

Hit it on the lower shoulder, don't try any behind the shoulder and neck or spine shots.

Both Wildebeest Trophees belong on you wall and are a must have for every hunter.

Wildebeest drink water regularly, so waiting at the waterhole and killing the best one is simply boring and bad sports. We prefer the walk and stalk method with these guys.


Black Wildebeest family group Black Wildebeest on Nomtsas Plain
white-tailed family members Nomtsas Plain with black Wildebeest
black Wildebeest passing us close Black Wildebeest with happy client
black Wildebeest bull running past us in last light Check out the quality of this black Wildebeest
Blue wildebeest / brindled Gnu family group Blue Wildebeest bull
lovely group of Blue Wildebeest. The bull on the left is an exceptional trophy animal, although its horns are receding already Perfect hunting moment. Trophy is of moderate to good size, but its a big bull