Hunting Giraffe in Namibia, Giraffa camelopardalis

Many a big game hunter will agree with me, that hunting giraffe is not as easy as it seems, since these animals are very hardy and tough. Using a unsufficient calibre with, even worse, the wrong bullet, the giraffe hunt can very soon turn into a nightmare.

First do your homework and then do your homework again - shot placement shot placement shot placement!! We do not allow any shooting on the head or neck anymore, since it is nearly impossible to follow a giraffe with a wounded neck or broken jaw.
The heart sits high in front of the shoulder. it is of vital importance that the first shot is killing the animal.
The bullet MUST penetrate in a nearly 90 degree angle and should be as near to solid as possible.
We had a few good giraffe hunts with .375 and other calibres in that range.

Hunting Giraffe takes much preparation and is connected to one whole lot of work after the giraffe went down.
Nomtsas is the perfect place for hunting Giraffe, since we have many old bulls and bachelor herds.


Giraffe on Nomtsas sunset Giraffe
about 70 Giraffes on Nomtsas game area alone

beautiful Giraffe sunset scenery in
southern Namibia, Nomtsas

Family herd of giraffes Giraffes with clouds
This bull would be huntable as soon as another bull takes over the herd what a sight...