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We are a fully registered operation with registered guides. This means your trophies can safely be exported with an export permit connected to a trophy hunting permit.
In order to apply for the permit, we need the following from you:
Full name and adress with telephone number from each hunter
Passport copy from each hunter

It would be great if you could let us know about your health and special dietary requirements if you have any.

Entry Requirements

All visitors from abroad must be in possession of a passport, which must be valid for at least 6 months after end of journey and there must be at least 3 empty pages in the passport.

Tourists from the FRG, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Ireland, UK, Austria, Italy, France, United States of America, Canada, Japan, the Scandinavian Countries, Zimbawe, Tanzania, Angola, Zambia, Botswana, Moambique, and the Netherlands do not need a visa for Namibia, provided that they are in possession of a valid airticket for their return or onward-travel and do not stay in Namibia for more than 90 days. As these requirements may change, we ask you and your travel agent to make sure that the valid requirements are observed.

Health Requirements

At present no vaccinations are required. Malaria Prophylaxis is recommended in the northern Parts of Namibia. All persons entering Namibia must be able to proof, that all medicine they carry is for their own use: this can be done by presenting the invoices. If proof cannot be provided, it might happen that the medicine will be confiscated.


ZAR = South African Rand
N$ = Namibian Dollar
1 N$ = 1 ZAR

For ZAR travellers cheques there is no restriction as well as for foreign currencies. Foreign currency travellers cheques must be cashed at the bank, whereas ZAR travellers cheques will be accepted nearly everywhere. Many hotels, shops and restaurants will also accept credit cards.

Electrical Appliances

All run on 220/240 volts. Outlets are of the round 3-pin, 15 amp type.


20kg (44lbs) of baggage are allowed free of charge and should be marked very clearly. Winters are normally mild to warm, so pack light summer clothes for the middle of the day, but as it could become very cold at night - and even during the summer at the coast - warm clothes should be included.

Sunglasses, suntan lotion, lipice, torches as well as bathing costumes, cameras, binoculars and alarm clocks should not be forgotten. Also film material should be brought along. Evening dresses are not necessary.

Please print and fill out this Document to bring rifles into Namibia Document for Importing rifles into Namibia

Airport Transfers

The international airport of Windhoek is situated 42km outside of town. As there is no regular shuttle service from airport to town and no transfers are included in the tours published on this website, it is recommended to book a transfer well in advance. There are some tour operators and taxis at the airport, with different price structures.

Great Infos also found on the Website of the Namibia Tourism Board in Windhoek and Frankfurt

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