Hunting Blesbok, Damaliscus pygargus, in Namibia

Hunting Blesbok, many will tell you, is easy. Many call it the "antelope for ladies". I strongly disagree with this, since neither is it easy to hunt Blesbok nor are female hunters worse at shooting.

Our Blesbok are well adapted to rocky hills, to which they migrate when food is scarce, but love to remain in the vast open Nomtsas plains in time of plenty.

When in the plains, cover is absent - how should we approach without being seen?.. tricky one... Sometimes a very slow walk will do the job.
Try and find a lone ram, this helps, they are less nervous then a herd full of mothers with plenty of running energy.
If encountered in the hills, the quick "spook and shoot" method works sometimes: As we cross the ridge, the Blesbok will run through the valley only to hopefully stop at the opposite slope to check out danger, this would be your chance to take a shot.

We boost a few healthy herds with very good trophies. When checking out which one you like, remember to find lots of white on the horn - if the white goes with length, you are most likely to shoot a gold medal.

Female and male horns are similar, it is thus very important to make sure you are onto the right gender you want - we will sort that for you though.


Blesbok Blesbok, Damaliscus pygargus
Wonderful Blesbok ram taken on foot Nomtsas Plain with Blesbok ewes