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Your Master Hunting Guide: Albert Voigts von Schütz

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Welcome to the South! Welcome to vast, really vast open spaces, rugged yet beautiful terrain.

We, the Voigts Family, have been running this farm for five Generations now. Lisa and I (my name is Albert) took over from my parents beginning 2011, doing our best following in the deep footsteps my father left.
Hunting soon became the only true worth while approach in order to keep the farm going, keep all the game and enjoy the beautity this magnificent semi-desert has to offer.
In early days the farm was used as a sheep farm only, yet always care was taken to farm side by side with nature. Today one of the biggest private game reserves, measuring over 23 000 ha, is established, all created by the idealistic approach of my father Heino Voigts. 33 000 ha are still used to farm cattle, but game is abundant also in these areas and we like to hunt Warthog, Oryx and Springbok in our eastern hillsides.
The Nomtsas game area has become very important to conservation. We guide every single hunt personally and would like to show our animals to you, but have to keep our distance.

Numerous antelope, like Red Hartebeest, Brindled and White-tailed Gnu, Gemsbok, Duiker, Steenbok, Blessbok, Impala, Springbok, Kudu, Eland, the Hartmann and Burchell´s zebra, and Giraffe roam the vast plains and hills of this red Sandstone landscape. As from 2017 we will be offering Waterbuck, Lechwe and even Sable Antelope.

Let's not forget the interesting birds of this part of the world: Nomtsas seems to be a haven for Kori Bustard and various Korhaan. On a single morning walk we encounter more than forty species.

Nomtsas is ideal for good sports, but please note that we only support hunting manageable game - if we can count it, protect it and manage its numbers, we hunt it. We do not support hunting unmanageable game, like birds, cats or any pachyderms!

Brent Glentworth wrote an excellent article on hunting on Nomtsas. Please find HERE

We would be very happy to welcome you,

Lisa and Albert Voigts


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